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An article detailing the beginning of Frelan Hardware, which was founded by Fred Adams and Allan Muggleton

Starting out as a friendship formed on the sales team at Evered Plastics in Birmingham, Fred Adams and Allan Muggleton decided to set up their own business. 

The first premises were located in Stoneleigh, Surrey. This storefront saw the beginning of what is now a reputable name in the architectural hardware industry. 



Fred and Allan come together to establish Frelan Hardware, a fusion of their names

Fred Adams (left) and Allan Muggleton (right)

Fred & Allan


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Fred Adams Junior joins the family business, initially taking on the role of Purchasing Manager. Over time his role evolves and he takes on the position of Warehouse and Logistics Director.



Frelan begins its transition from an agency to a wholesale business model.



Peter Muggleton joined

Peter  began his career at Frelan starting out as the delivery driver. Peter previously worked at AG Roberts, where he did his GAI qualification. In the following years Peter worked his way up, learning every aspect of the business and it's customers. 

Peter is currently a company Director 




Sue Arnold joined

Sue was a secretary at Spillers Home Pride in London before she joined the family business to help with the accounts. Sue knows all aspects of the business too, and is a key part in where we are today.

Sue is also a current company Director



Frelan left it's shop premises in Stoneleigh Broadway, with it's total of 9 members of staff, to move to a larger warehouse location in Garfield Road, Wimbledon.

This move saw the beginning of Frelan Hardware as we know it today, a wholesaler. They initially began by selling Rothley Brass and Hope Works goods. 




Fred Adams Junior was appointed as Director



Frelan Hardware takes a huge step forward by introducing its first computer. This was used to manage the sales ledger, and for the automated calculation of invoices and statements. All things which were previously done manually.


We still use this computer today!



Sue was appointed as Company Secretary at Wimbledon. This created a hole in the accounts department, so an additional member of staff was appointed and Frelan continues to grow. Frelan now has 15 members of staff and counting. 




Frelan takes part in a trade show at the Nelson Nightclub in Wimbledon. Trade shows have been a big part of the business model and always bring in a great crowd.



The Jedo collection is introduced. This is the first range for Frelan Hardware under it's own brand. Jedo began with just barrel bolts, but the range expanded, and is currently the largest brand offering. 

Jedo logo



The Jedo name was created by combining the names of Allan and Fred's wives: Jean and Doris


This brand name carries sentimental value, and really highlights the family element of Frelan Hardware. We're very proud of our Jedo collection and those connected to it. 


Frelan moves to Kimpton Industrial Estate, Wealdstone Road, Sutton. 

With this move came a more defined personnel structure for the business. Allan, Fred and Peter all stepped into director roles. 

Allan became the Managing Director.

Fred was in charge of Purchasing and Logistics

Peter was appointed Sales Director





This year saw the appointment of Sue as a Director. With this, the director team expanded to five members. The next generation of the founding members were now all Directors. 



The sad passing of Fred Adams Senior



Frelan Hardware moves to it's current location, Mitcham Industrial Estate.

A logistically difficult move with the business having to close for 3 days. Everyone was drafted in for support, employees and their families all pitched in to get the job done. A huge effort and several lorries later and Frelan was in, and so began a new chapter. 

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The sad passing of Allan Muggleton


Susie, Peter's sister, joins as a warehouse skin packer. After a couple of years Susie transitions into the Sales office, she now currently works as the Sales Office Manager. 



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Karen Muggleton joined helping in accounts before moving on to become HR manager.




The first 40ft container arrived. A significant moment that really brought home the success of Frelan as a business. Frelan was now holding more stock than ever, with the ability to increase it's supply to the market.



During some adverse weather, it soon becomes apparent that the roof needed some attention. The unit floods, bringing down ceilings and damaging stock.


With it's continued expansion, Frelan outgrows it's unit in Mitcham and takes out a lease on a second unit on the same industrial estate.

James and Peter


James Muggleton joins the family business. The third generation to step into the picture. James started out in the Warehouse in the 'goods in' team. With a keen eye for design and a mind for engineering, James began to show interest in product design and began to develop his skills. Now a stranger to any manual labour, James heads up the Frelan Bespoke department where he has worked on many high end and large scale commercial projects. James is the design mind behind the ever popular Burlington Range, which has been a huge seller since the day it launched.



Frelan seizes a timely opportunity and takes out a lease on the unit adjacent to the original one. They moved out of the other one on the estate and now occupy two units side by side. This is where Frelan is today.

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Our first pet! A Sparrow Hawk takes residence in the warehouse. Not commonly associated with urban areas, this was a shock to all. It stayed for a week, despite numerous efforts to gently persuade it to leave. Finally it departed, before we could formally draft the notice of eviction. 



After years of commitment to Frelan, and a major contributor to it's success over the years, Fred Adams Junior reaches the milestone of retirement. Fred retired as a Director, and a party was held to celebrate his career and all that he has achieved. Fred helped make Frelan what it is today. 


The sad passing of Fred Adams Junior 

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Frelan introduces a new Enterprise Resource Planning system. This software offered the business greater information management such as stock levels, quotes and invoices. 


Frelan officially establishes a Bespoke department. James Muggleton runs this with help from the wider Frelan team. This was a brave new venture allowing us to offer even greater coverability of the Ironmongery market. We can now offer fully bespoke designs for any project. 



The arrival of the Burlington Range. This range marks the first complete range designed by James. Perfectly incapsulating our ability to supply the market with designs made in house. It also marks a huge contribution to the family business by the latest generation to begin their careers here. 


Matt Arnold joins the team. Another third generation family member gets involved. Matt began his career in the Warehouse, but is now in charge of Marketing and all things digital. 



Frelan introduces a Warehouse Management System to help increase efficiency. This has been the biggest change in our warehouse to date.



New Website! Improved functionality and offerings, including live stock levels and price lists.   


Paul Wallis, an industry household name was appointed as the new Sales Director. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team. 

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Frelan is still very much a family business, currently owned and operated by Peter Muggleton and Sue Arnold. 


It's not just the Frelan name that has been going a long time but also the people who make up the Frelan team. We have been fortunate enough to have had many excellent members of staff throughout our 50 years.


Frelan currently has 36 member's of staff who have been with us for various lengths of time:


- 13 member's of staff have worked with us for up to 10 years

- 11 member's of staff have been with us for over 10 years

 - 7 member's of staff have been with us for over 20 years

- 3 member's of staff have been with us for over 30 years

- 2 member's of staff have been with us for over 40 years

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